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We offer the following services to film and TV producers wanting to shoot in New Zealand or the South Pacific islands:
  • Production of programmes: 20 years experience in TV production, both in Germany and in the South Pacific. We produce TV programmes from news item to full length documentary.
  • Location Service: Selection of suitable filming locations, test shoots and still photos. We have a profound knowledge of New Zealand and South Pacific Islands like Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Hawaii, etc.
  • Logistics, travel arrangements: Bookings and travel arrangements for film crews travelling New Zealand and other South Pacific destinations. From rental cars to mountain guide, tailored to every needs.
  • Production service from selecting the right location to organizing a whole production schedule. Contacts to local producers, hiring of film crews, editing facilities and equipment. Access to local film libraries.
  • Research and ideas: research of a subject from idea to production stage and proposals for every type of programme.
  • Library footage: Extensive library of broadcast quality film footage about New Zealand and South Pacific, mainly tourism oriented. Access to libraries of local film producers and TV stations.

A show reel with samples from our library is available upon request.

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